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What is International Students Admission?

International students admission is the process for non-Singapore Citizens (SC) or non-Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) to seek admission into mainstream primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore.

Admission to Primary 1

International students aged 6 to 6 + as of 1 January in the year of school admission can seek admission to Primary 1 in the following year, by registering at the primary school with vacancies during Phase 3 of the annual Primary One Registration Exercise.

Admission is not guaranteed as there are limited vacancies remaining for international students after places are allocated to SC/SPR children. As such, parents of international students may also wish to consider other educational options such as private schools.

For more information on the Primary One registration exercise, please refer to the Primary One Registration website.

Admission to Primary 2–5 & Secondary 1–3

International students aged 7 and above as of 1 January in the year of school admission, and who wish to seek admission to mainstream schools, are required to sit for and pass the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS).

This exercise is for international students seeking admission into Primary 2-5 and Secondary 1-3 in the following academic year. International students participating in AEIS would enjoy the convenience of a centralised test on English and Mathematics.

Admission is not guaranteed, and is subject to the applicant’s performance in the centralised test and available school vacancies. Successful applicants will not be allowed to choose their school, and requests for school transfers will not be entertained.

Admission to Junior Colleges (JCs) & Millennia Institute (MI)

International students seeking admission to JCs or MI are to apply to their schools of choice directly from October to December. Admission is not guaranteed, and is subject to the international students meeting the school’s admission criteria and availability of vacancies

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