Consultancy Services We Provide

Aedno International was established in 2008. AEDNO will bring you the knowledge of the Singapore international education system along with her passion for the welfare and education of children to ITS Education Asia. Our role is to empower parents so they can learn how to effectively advocate for their child, and as an educational consultant with professional experience and credentials in education, she is also professionally trained to help families get their children what they need.

School Search Assistance

We offer a variety of educational services that are available to meet your needs – from a single consultation, to step-by-step school search and school admissions process.

  • School Placement for Relocating
  • School Consulting Packages
  • Current School Issues and Solutions
  • Special Education Needs Support
  • Boarding School Placement
  • Assessment and Exam Support

Corporate Education Advice

AEDNO Educational Services can advise companies, personnel departments, and staff coming into, or relocating within Singapore. We can come and speak to you about education to explain the different schools/academic programmes, or to serve as an introduction to all the services we offer.

Why choose AEDNO Educational Services?


Have at least 5 years of qualifying experience and have worked at various schools around Singapore.

School knowledge

AEDNO’s Consultants continuously visit and evaluate preschools, local/ international schools and boarding schools in Singapore to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date.


AEDNO’s Consultants understand the process involved in a finding the right school. Families are immediately reassured that there are great options for all types of learners. We are committed to help reduce anxiety for both parents and students. Your choice always comes first.


AEDNO’s Consultants give students and parents unbiased advice and recommendations based on their professional judgment of a student’s needs and abilities. We match each child with the right school.

What we do:

  1. Provides families with expert advice on how to choose an appropriate school that is a good personal match; one that will foster a child’s academic and social growth.
  2. Provides families with individual attention, first-hand knowledge of local and international schools, academic programmes, and the time to explore all of the options. With their extensive knowledge of pre-, primary, secondary and boarding schools, your consultant can broaden your potential choices and provide vital help in weighing factors such as cost, location and curriculum.
  3. Provides families with the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way.
  4. Provides families with a first class “School Search” that ensures a smooth transition into schools in Singapore for children of all ages, nationalities and abilities.

Extra Services:

Airport Pick up and Familiarization Service

Airport pick up service, which is chargeable, is available to international students who wish to study in our School and who wish to be met at the airport.

Familiarization services include:

  1. Assistance with accommodation (Accommodation service is chargeable, please refer below)
  2. Assistance with purchase of EZ Link Cards for transportation and familiarization of travel routes (EZ Link is bought by students)
  3. Assistance with Phone Card or SIM Card purchases (Purchase of Cards is borne by students)
  4. Familiarization with the amenities near the school and where the student stays (hawker centres, shopping malls,)
  5. Assistance in Bank account Opening (Bank Charges borne by students and subjected to terms and conditions of the Bank)

Arrangement for Accommodation

To assist and help students who are unfamiliar with Singapore to find suitable accommodation according to their needs.  The accommodation arrangements may include meals and clothes washing services.  Charges for accommodation and related services are borne by the students.

Arrangement for Guardianship

Some international students may be living in Singapore alone without their parents. The school can assist such students, who are below 18 years of age, to make arrangements for guardianship.  Guardianship service is usually provided together with provisions for accommodation.

Student Orientation Programme

The school provides an orientation programme for new students, to help them to know the school and its services and operations better. The orientation will cover many areas such as fee matters, school policies, procedures and rules, attendance requirements, leave application, etc.